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Attenuation Caused by Building Materials at Specific Radio Frequencies

This table, compiled by James Boggs,provides many entries of attenuation caused by building materials in the 30 MHz to 6 GHz region. Numbered notes indicate the source of the values in the table cells. All sources are either in the public domain, or permission was granted to use the data. Entries have the values in dB followed by square brackets and around a number to indicate the source of the value. Table of Building Material Radio Attenuation Data is Copyright 2018 by James D. Boggs and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. You may download an use the spreadsheet for free, but you are expected to abide by the license provisions.  The license can be viewed at

The table is current as of 10 Apr 2018. If you make additions or changes to the data, please send a copy to [email protected]

Download the  Table of Building Material Electromagnetic Attenuation Data by clicking: Local  Download